Mart 130 Cafe

Mart 130 Cafe
107A Canterbury Road
Middle Park
Vic 3206
+61 3 9690 8831
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It’s not often I crave for a proper breakfast on a weekday morning. My usual wakeup meal is a green smoothie or a steaming bowl of honeyed cinnamon porridge. I found myself wanting something crunchy one Friday morning and after taking The Sausage for his morning off-lead run at Albert Park, I headed towards Mart 130, the famous tram stop café, with The Sausage still in tow.

Crunchy granola topped with poached or fresh fruit and house made vanilla yoghurt $11.90

Well-known for their corn fritters, there’s also a decent variety of egg dishes and sweet breakfasts. I had only one thing on my mind that morning and wouldn’t settle for anything else. My granola came wonderfully crunchy with toasted oats, sunflowers and pepitas. The poached fruit of prunes, berries and pear added a delicious sweetness, counteracted by tangy rhubarb. All of this was bound together with creamy vanilla yoghurt and made it a healthy delectable breakfast.

House brewed Chai Late with soy milk and honey $5

I nursed on my ginger-spiced chai latte as commuters from tramline 96 hopped on and off. Breakfast at Mart 130 was a pleasant affair with amicable warm service and makes a great option for a quick morning bite.


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