Two Little Pigs Charcuterie and Grind

Two Little Pigs Charcuterie and Grind
146 Sydney Road
Vic 3056
+61 3 9939 4042
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Fakebooo, Ashley and I arranged a triple date over brunch at Two Little Pigs on a fine Saturday. Situated in hipster Brunswick, the café is marked by a nondescript doorway. Don’t let the small space fool you, for beyond the narrow interior with hanging meats and sausages lies a very cosy courtyard which comfortably housed our party of 6.

lattepiccolo and chai
(Left) Latte $3.80
(Right Top) Chai latte $4
(Right bottom) Piccolo latte $3.80

A variety of hot drinks were ordered across the table. The house blend coffee was rather strong and harsh and kinda reminded me of traditional Italian-style espressos. It did round off gently into soft praline notes. The chai smelt and tasted strongly off cinnamon.

bubble and squeak
Bubble & Squeak – poached free range eggs, tomato chutney, chicpea fritter of braised beef, caramelised onion, truffle oil and corn kernels $16.50

The menu is exciting and all of us took a while contemplating our choices. For the cholesterol-wary, there are healthy options of porridge, granola or fruit bread. And in case anyone not pork-inclined enters (maybe they don’t get the significance of the café’s name), there are other non-oink items to choose from. Ashley herself had such a dish, (she did get the name of the café, in case you were wondering). Her bubble and squeak was delicious and comforting, drawing mmms of approval with every mouthful. I avoided it like the plaque though; it contained corn.

ham and pea
Pea & ham – crisp roasted pork belly, poached free range eggs, green pea veloute served with sourdough toast $16.50

Fakebooobooo and I settled for the dish of ham and peas. The pea puree was stunningly moss green and provided a colourful and sweet contrast against the rich pork. Every bite of the pork crackle was like a symphony of crescendo staccatoed-quavers.

Pork belly waldorf – roast pork belly, celery, royal gala, granny smith, walnuts, egg yolk mayo, preserved lemon $16.90

Fakeboooo chose a Waldorf salad. It wasn’t the healthiest of salads but boy was it the tastiest. The mayo was rich in the taste of yolk and thinned down by a hint of tangy vinegar. The vegetables were fresh and crisp and the pork tender and unctuous.

big breakfastfries
(Left) Two little pigs – free range eggs, thick cut bacon, san jose chorizo, duck fat mushrooms, spinach, hashed potatoes, apple chutney $19.50
(Right) Duck fat fries – parmesan and tarragon mustard aioli $7.50

The boys (Fakebooo and FBB don’t count) went predictable with a big breakfast. For those wondering why the café is called 2 Little Pigs and not 3 Little Pigs, this is the reason why. That 3rd little piggy sacrificed itself for this very dish to provide a humongous platter of bacon and chorizo. Fear not, it did not die alone nor in vain, for all that meat was accompanied by a mount of mushies, spinach and hash. Brad honoured its sacrifice by devouring every bit of it and leaving his plate sparkling clean. The Angmoh was defeated by its enormity and after Fakebooo chastised him for not finishing up the bacon he helped himself to the leftovers which almost made his eyes pop.

Nutella doughcakes with strawberry butterscotch ice cream $13.50

We also shared duck fat fries tossed with grated parmaggiano and oregano and a dessert of Nutella doughcakes. These pancakes were indeed doughy but were extremely fluffy with a crumpet-like texture. They were filled with Nutella and served with a berry ice cream and petite cinnamon sugar balls.

There are many places that I write about in this blog and return to, but you know a place is a true gem when a return visit is mandatory. Two Little Pigs is such a place; with its enormous selection of succulent pork-based dishes and a few non-porcine delights as well, there is a lot of potential to explore new territory in repeat visits and I for one shall be back sooner rather than later.


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