Little Big Sugar Salt

Little Big Sugar Salt
385 Victoria Street
Vic 3067
+61 3 9427 8818
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Smack in the middle of Victoria Road, Richmond, is the very last place you’d imagine to find Little Big Sugar Salt (LBSS). This café is way too hipster and offers way too many options for the straightforward “I-only-want-this-and-want-it-now” Asian-food-loving crowd. Craving for pho? There’s I Love Pho 264. In the mood for roast duck on rice, well there’s Pacific House. Step foot into LBSS and wait, you have to ask yourself if you’re really hungry and if you want something savoury or sweet. And I can imagine looking at the drinks menu makes these instant-gratification types want to chug migraine pills for the impending vertigo.


I for one, love all of it. Because there are times where I don’t know what I want (uh huh, that does happen) and there are times where I’m after some jazzed up fancy caffeine (coffee with home-made almond milk) or super healthy hot chocolate (made of dates, almond milk and cocoa). And best of all, I can slowly take my time to make up my mind and enjoy all of it in the cosy living room interior of LBSS.

Chai latte $4.5

The morning I was there, I was comfortably tucked into a little nook, typing away as I sipped on my milky chai. It could use more spice but with no one within arm’s length nudging for more elbow room and a calm air of silence around me, I was content.

Glutenfreekakes – millet, sweet potato + currant cakes with cashew cream, chilli jam, wilted kale and eggs $17

I did have to deliberate when it came to choosing what I wanted to eat. EVERYTHING appealed, from the acai granola, to the berry pancakes, and the rainbow veg salad and even to the calorie-bursting, artery-clogging monster of a triple decker croque monsieur. In the end, I stuck with the glutenfreekakes and didn’t look back.

It was excellent. The vegetable fritters, made with sweet potato and millet were packed with natural sweetness and spiced up with fennel and anise. Hidden amongst the grated veg were currants that gave bursts of berry and tang. The wilted kale provided a splendid colour contrast, together with the spill of molten yellow yolk. Binding all of it together was a cashew puree, splendidly thick and creamy.


I’m going to have to head back to LBSS and slowly work my way through their menu, both drinks and food. And one day, I promise, I will tackle the Dr. Ron Swanson.


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