Mr Hendricks

Mr Hendricks
469 Whitehorse Road
Vic 3103
+61 3 9830 7579
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It’s great having a dog. The kitchen floor never needs cleaning and table scraps don’t go to waste. Oh, it also gives me an excuse to have doggy brunch dates. I had a lovely catch up with Ashley at Industry Beans last year with The Sausage meeting Chai and recently, Daisy and I arranged for brunch so that The Sausage could finally get to meet Cupcake.


With few options down Daisy’s burbs, we decided to check out a relatively newcomer in the brunch scene. Mr Hendricks looks smallish from the entrance but extends into a brilliant spacious dog-friendly courtyard.

(Left) Chai latte $4 (Right) Magic $3.50

While poodle and dachshund sniffed each other out, Daisy’s partner, Ricky, had coffee and Daisy had a soy chai latte.The beans are by Padre and Ricky thought it was a pretty good cuppa. Prana chai is used, with whole spices and tea leaves steeped to infuse into a spicy nutty milky tea. I had a simple orange juice.

House toasted granola with strawberry and rhubarb compote and vanilla yoghurt $12.50

The Angmoh had the only breakfasty dish amongst us. The granola came with 2 mounds of yoghurt and rhubarb compote. The toppings, while generous, were excessive and caused the entire dish to be too gluggy.

Breakfast cassolet with confit duck, Toulouse sausage, persillade, ham hock and fried eggs $21

Ricky had a slight kitchen mishap in his dish of confit duck cassolet. A few bites into his dish had him discovering a blond hair. A waitress niftily swept up his dish, apologized profusely and had the kitchen prepare a fresh one. Despite the accident, the dish was excellent, rich in flavour and protein heavy from the legumes, sausage and duck.

Crispy eggs with smoked ham hock, sweet potato puree, fennel, radish, walnuts, sourdough toast $18

Daisy has a soft spot for sweet potato and ordered crumbed poached eggs on sweet potato puree. The poached eggs spilled their yolks onto the orange mash, and with the tender flavourful pork hock, made a beautiful brunch item. IMG_9368
Tempura soft shell crab burger with fennel, radish, cabbage, avocado, kewpie $16.50

I went for the softshell crab burger. The minimal use of kewpie mayo was well-appreciated on my part and the thinly sliced cabbage and fennel helped cut through the richness of the crab.

Brioche French toast with vanilla poached pears, caramel sauce, double cream $14.50

Dining with Daisy meant that we could indulge in a sweet dish. We shared the brioche French toast, which appeared as a slab of buttery eggy bread, drenched in caramel sauce and topped with sweet poached pears. I loved the texture of the bread but found the overall dish way to sweet. Daisy, however, thought it was just right. She certainly has a sweet tooth! As we ate, the dogs carried on with their canine shenanigans, sniffing about and batting puppy eyes for a drop of food. I came prepared with milky chew bones and that kept them entertained for a while.

Brunch was a lovely affair with both humans and canine counterparts enjoying every minute of it. I wish more cafes will have dog-friendly spaces that are not just limited to tables on pavements.



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2 responses to “Mr Hendricks

  1. allergicinmelb

    French toast all the way! Looks awesome!
    That cassoulet looks rich and filling.
    Looks like a nice spot.
    You guys have such cute dogs. So cute.

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