Quick Bites: Don Don

Don Don
5 Bank Street
South Melbourne
Vic 3205
+61 3 9696 6682
Don Don on Urbanspoon


Dining at Don Don brings back student memories of skipping finishing classes and strolling down Swanston Street for a feed. Don Don lures in students like a honey-coated venus flytrap with its delicious Japanese meals that are speedily dished up and extremely easy on the pocket.

Now that I’ve graduated and weaving the laneways of Melbourne is a thing of a past, I’m glad that Don Don had the foresight to branch out into the ‘burbs, especially one that’s near me. My closest Don Don is situated in South Melbourne with her other siblings scattered in the CBD and Carlton. While Don Don mainly features rice dishes as extrapolated from the name, her cousin Don Too offers ramen.

Chicken curry don $6.90

I stepped into Don Don for a quick feed on a lonely day off. My lunch was the chicken curry don, with chunks of tender grilled chicken, smokey from the teriyaki, cradled in a pool of mild curry. The curry at Don Don is far from sweet and pretty damn good. The meatless version uses charred tofu instead and is perfect for vegetarians and Meatless Mondays. A good mound of rice to soak up the sauce and a sprinkle of pickled radish for crunch and tang complete the dish, making it one of the cheapest and most satisfying meals one can get in Melbourne.

Having tried both the beef sukiyaki don and the salmon sashimi don I can vouch for their scrumptiousness, but it’s the teriyaki chicken curry that beckons me over and over again. For those in need of a quick meal or one that is budget-friendly without compromising taste, I highly recommend that you give Don Don a go.




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4 responses to “Quick Bites: Don Don

  1. winstonthehungryexcavator

    Don Don is still one of my favourite favourite favourite places to eat in Melb! Even though I haven’t blogged about it. Honestly my kind of place and ticks all my boxes. I love the chicken teriyaki and curry chicken don the most because of the grilled flavour of the chicken. The South Melbourne branch is my favourite one too SO GOOOOOOOOOD! Don’t like the Melb Central one at all ever since they moved from Swanston to Lt Lonsdale

    • oooh, i recently walked past the swanston street branch and thought to myself, something’s disappeared. so they’ve moved! have yet to try the new CBD outlet but will probably not since South Melb is so close to me. HOW GOOD IS THE CHICKEN CURRY DON!!!

  2. Hey Hendricks. I would definitely visit Don Don as I have been looking for good Japanese restaurants in Melbourne. You have come to my rescue.

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