Base Camp, Il Melograno

Base Camp
102 High Street
Vic 3070
+61 3 9482 1168
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Il Melograno
76 High Street
Vic 3070
+61 3 9482 4971
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base camp

Cookie Monster had travelled back to Singapore to arrange the moving of her doggies over to Melbourne, leaving Hughey B to fend for himself. The Angmoh and I took his lonesome self out for dinner, leaving the decision of where to eat to him. We decided to try out his local curry joint in Northcote.

(Right) Complimentary papadums
(Left) Mango lassi

Base Camp offers Nepalese and Indian cuisine and as the boys awakened their palettes with Everest beer (which is pretty nice), I got stuck into a mango lassi. It came tall and pretty and was extremely thick and sweet, almost like the Gippsland fruit twist yoghurt. I would have preferred a thinner, tangier version, like the ones I had come across in India.

laal maans
Laal maans – pride of Rajasthan. Lamb curry with cumin, pepper and paprika $16.90

The menu offers a good variety of curries and not the usual run-of-the-mill sorts like butter chicken or tikka masala. There is laal maans, which supposedly hails from Rajasthan and is the very dish that The Angmoh opted for. This had good flavours from the spices and I thought it was pretty nice, despite not being a huge fan of lamb.

goat curry
(Left) Plain basmati rice $3
(Right) Himalayan goat curry – goat curry on the bone $16

Hughey B’s Himalayan goat curry was the most well-received that evening. The gamey meat was tender and fell off the bones easily. It was more of a dry curry then a saucy one, but still wonderful with the rice and bread.

Paneer pasanda – stuffed paneer in the gravy of onion, tomato cashew cream sauce $14

Mine was the most unusual. It was from the specials menu of that evening, an offering of fried stuffed paneer in a tomato cashew sauce. It was the first time I’d come across stuffed paneer and this I enjoyed thoroughly. The filling of capsicum and nuts gave more flavour to the usually subtle cheese, and fried batter provided a different texture. I didn’t quite enjoy the sauce though, it was extremely rich and cloying. I also thought the serve of 3 paneer triangles didn’t quite justify the cost of the dish.

(Left) Momo non-vegetarian – Nepal’s most famous dumplings with sesame tomato chutney $12
(Right top) Plain naan $3
(Right bottom) Garlic naan $3.25

Our other dishes included an entrée of momo, or Nepalese dumplings and naan, both plain and garlic. The momos had thin skins and the herbs in the filling gave personality to the dumplings. The chilli garlic sauce for dipping them in were also a great accompaniment. The naans on the other hand, were oddly fluffy and soft and were rather disappointing.

Our overall experience at Base Camp had hits and misses. I suspect the authenticity of the restaurant leans more towards Nepalese flavours, for the momos and goat curry were excellent.

il melograno

banana, coffeechocolate, fior di latte
(Left) Ricci coffee method, Banana walnut
(Right) Dutch chocolate, Fior di latte

chocolate rosemary
Chocolate rosemary, Iranian pistachio

We ended our evening with a brief stroll to Il Melograno, a gelato place that Cookie Monster has been telling me about. The flavours that we indulged in were chocolate rosemary, Iranian pistachio, Fior di latte, Dutch chocolate, banana walnut and Ricci method coffee. The gelato is served in a cup or cone and (best part) both are edible wafers! I had the 1st 2 flavours and they were stunning. I marvelled at the pairing of chocolate and rosemary, it was unexpectedly beautiful. I hear Il Melagrano does dinners too, and I think the next time we dine with Hughey B (and Cookie Monster), this will have to be the place.



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  1. allergicinmelb

    Yum. That gelato looks brilliant!

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