Pana Chocolate

Pana Chocolate
491 Church Street
Vic 3121
+61 3 9017 0935
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In the midst of my clean-eating challenge, one of the withdrawals I experienced was from the lack of sugar. Before the challenge, I would indulge in something sweet almost every day. There were regular snacks of cake for afternoon tea, ice cream after dinner or cookies for supper. The challenge required me to give this up, but I had to find sweet sources to tie me over for the 4 weeks. Thankfully, there’s Pana chocolate.
Pana offers raw natural chocolate made from all the good things like cocoa, cold pressed oils and agave. A variety of flavours are available, including orange, coconut, mint and my absolute favourite, rose. The chocolates can be purchased from most health food stores and even independent supermarkets like Foodworks, where The Angmoh ducked in one evening to get me a couple of bars to satisfy my sweet craving.
Pana opened up shop in Richmond a while ago and for some reason I procrastinated a visit. This challenge was more than enough reason to check it out. It’s small, cute and inspirational, and displays a fridge of little cakes and truffles. These can be enjoyed on site or taken away to be gobbled up at home. I grabbed two to go: a matcha strawberry cake and a chocolate ganache. OH. MY. GOD. These were the best raw cakes I had ever come across. The filling was incredibly smooth and creamy, a texture that is almost impossible to achieve due to the use of nuts. Each element had an amazingly pure taste to it as well; I particularly liked the strawberry layer, it was like tangy strawberry jam without any nasties. The matcha was mild in my opinion, but I do like my matcha to be intense. The chocolate ganache is simply divine. The ganache is so rich that it’s hard to believe there’s no cream in it.
Pana chocolate is the dreams of any dessert-loving paleo, vegan or clean-eating freak. The price is quite steep for each serve, so do savour each delicate morsel lovingly.

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