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Miss Jackson

Miss Jackson
2/19 Grey Street
St Kilda
Vic 3182
+61 3 9534 8415
Miss Jackson on Urbanspoon


Brunch at Miss Jackson took place one Saturday morning with me finishing a CrossFit WOD and then jogging 2 suburbs south, while The Angmoh, Peach and Luigi all rocked up after tumbling out of bed, bushy-eyed and much less sweaty.

(Left) Long black $3.80
(Right) Iced coffee $6

Peach had a long black, while The Angmoh, not being a fan of Allpress beans, found a way to indulge in an espresso-based drink that morning. He ordered an iced coffee and the generous glug of milk and vanilla ice cream helped masked the chemical aftertastes of the beans.

(Left) Potted avocado with goats cheese, a poached egg and pumpkin bread, with house cured salmon $20
(Right) Corn fritters with bacon, avocado and roasted vine tomatoes and house made chilli jam $16

Service was quick despite a bustling weekend morning. Peach had the potted avocado and poached eggs on pumpkin toast. The avocado came as described, pale green and moussey-smooth. Luigi’s corn fritters were lovely with all the elements working well together. The tomatoes were literally bursting with flavour and Luigi’s white top unfortunately bore evidence of that.

Potato and leek hash with smoked trout, a poached egg and smashed peas $18

The Angmoh and I usually do not order the same dish. Our brunch preferences swing in opposite directions, with him enjoying generous meaty breakfast platters while I lean towards vegetarian options that included eggs and shrooms. That morning, though, we both ordered the smoked trout on peas with hash. We both agreed the hash needed more crisping up, but the overall dish was tasty and fulfilling. I particularly liked the liberal sprinkling of herbs like dill and parsley. It provided a lovely refreshing lift to the dish.

Miss Jackson is a stalwart café in St Kilda. With pleasant, decent food, it’s a reliable brunch option for the local residents needing a good feed.



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140 Ormond Road
Vic 3184
+61 3 9531 0084
Combi on Urbanspoon

combi inside

So, I’ve embarked on a clean eating challenge with my gym. For 4 weeks, I will dedicate myself to a healthy diet, eliminating refined carbs, refined sugar and all sorts of processed foods from my life. I’m slightly over midway with the challenge and eating out is a challenge in itself as most places use sugar or MSG to punch up the flavours and tastes of food. Thankfully, Combi is my saviour.

combi outsideraw not war

Combi is located in the leafy suburb of Elwood and goes by the slogan “Raw, not war”. It is the epitome of clean eating and even takes the extra step of using water that has been through reverse osmosis, eliminating at least 98% of nasties, including heavy metals and impurities. For those who need a little bit of heat action, fear not, there are cooked options, including soup and ham sandwiches.

Knowing Fakebooo’s penchant for heated meaty appetites, I was surprised he was happy to tag along when I suggested Combi. He was extremely intrigued and was even at a loss when he read the menu. After a good few minutes of deliberation, he placed the order while I checked out the digs.

sexy carrot

Combi has a very hippy make-love-not-war feel about it. Staff work behind a counter decorated to look like a love shack. Ironically given I was in such a reputable establishment, I was kinda hoping for a daisy-wreathed dreadlocked fisherman-pants-wearing flower child to saunder out in a haze of marijuana smoke.

(Left) Beetroot kombucha $5
(Right) Organic cold pressed juice: Green fields – kale, cos lettuce, celery, cucumber, green apple, mint, lemon $8.50

Fakebooobooo ordered a green cold pressed juice of kale, cos, celery and cucumber. A sip of it instantly made me feel detoxed with almost the ability to photosynthesize. Yup, my notes were “tastes of chlorophyll”. Fakebooo’s beetroot kombucha reminded me of a tangy fizzy beetroot juice, odd but not unpleasant.

Raw organic zucchini spaghetti – zucchini spaghetti with a creamy cashew sauce, mushrooms, soy beans, tomatoes, fresh herbs, topped with activated nuts $14.50

All of us went raw food-wise. Fakebooobooo’s zucchini spaghetti was a beautiful creation of slender zucchini ribbons, tossed with nuts, seeds, beans and mushrooms, dressed in a delicate coating of creamy cashew. It was divine, and made me envious as my “zoodles” are never that perfect.

acai superbowl
Super bowl: organic acai bowl – antioxidant-loaded acai blended with banana, blueberries, house made nut mylk then layered with crispy coconut flakes, activated caramelised buckinis, banana, maca and cranberries $15.50

Fakebooo and myself opted for superbowls, aptly named as they contained superfoods like chia seeds and acai. Fakebooo’s brunch dish had a topping of acai sorbet which was cold, uplifting and berry-licious. As for mine, the chia pudding was a little bit sticky and a little bit crunchy with just the right amount of sweetness from the bananas.

chia party
Super bowl: organic chia party – parfait of chia seeds, soaked in house nut mylk infused with orange rind, layered with banana, cherries crunchy activated chocolate buckinis, zesty incan berries and macadamias. Topped with house made coconut cashew yoghurt and strawberry coulis $14.50

Another reason why Combi is my lifesaver is because they have cake that is challenge-friendly. SCORE! I had my eye on the chocolate fudge, lemon cheesecake and snickers. Alas, the snickers had sold out so I had to make do with my other 2 options. Made with natural and raw ingredients such as activated nuts, dates and maple, I could literally have my cake and eat it. My favourite was the lemon cheesecake. The texture of the filling was velvety smooth and the fragrance of the lemon shone through beautifully.

(Left) Raw chocolate fudge cake – activated almonds, coconut, dates, activated cashews, maple syrup, cinnamon, raw cacao, cacao nibs, coconut oil $8.50
(Right) Raw lemon cheesecake – activated almonds, coconut, dates, activated cashews, maple syrup, fresh lemon juice lemon rind, lucuma, coconut oil $8.50

Combi has been a wonderful dining experience and I will definitely find myself back there even after my challenge is over. Drinks and food are wholesome and leave you walking out with a top-to-toe feel-good completion.


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Little Tommy Tucker

Little Tommy Tucker
432 Centre Road
Vic 3204
Little Tommy Tucker on Urbanspoon


Working in Bayside has exposed me to several delightful dining places. Little Tommy Tucker (LTT) is one such place. I had a solo breakfast at the beautiful café sometime late last year, and as soon as I stepped foot inside, fell quickly in love with the round communal table at the very end. There is bleached pale wood, bright natural light, lush hanging greens and it’s just the perfect spot to spy right into the kitchen. The warm smiles of the staff at Little Tommy Tucker made staying in love too easy.

Piccolo latte $3.50

I had a piccolo latte brewed from Dukes beans. It was harsh, bitter and full of dark notes, which surprisingly ebbed into a pleasant cookie finish. As for breakfast choices, I was torn between muesli and zucchini cakes. The former got to me with just the words “yoghurt panacotta”. It certainly sent a tingle down my spine. It was a lovely breakfast dish full of textures and flavours. The muesli had crunchy seeds, softened by the creamy gentle panacotta. The poached pear was supple and added just a hint of sweetness and the bursts of ginger created a lively zing.

Yoghurt Panna Cotta, ginger and macadamia Yousli muesli, poached pear, rockmelon cress $13

Fast forward a couple months, Fakebooo suggested having lunch at LTT whilst I was having my split shift break. He went vegetarian with heirloom tomatoes, goats’ cheese and runny poached egg. It was a simple healthy brunchy dish, with the use of quality ingredients and a thoughtful combination of flavours. Fakebooobooo had a carnivorous burger to placate his lunch cravings. The Wagyu patty was a generous thick serve of beef, cooked medium and dripping with flavourful juices.

Tommy Tucker Wagyu burger, tasty cheese, lettuce, pickles, mustard, tomato relish and wedges $19

As for myself, I caught sight of fresh figs and enquired about it. Oh Tommy, you rascal, you truly know the way to my stomach heart. On special that day was crumpets with maple, ricotta and fresh figs. The maple was faint and there was a hint of coconut. It was a charmingly light dish and could easily pass off for breakfast or dessert.

Heirloom tomatoes, whipped goat’s cheese, pesto, poached eggs $17

Little Tommy Tucker is a great addition to the burgeoning brunch scene in Bayside. It’s pleasant throughout, from the amicable service, to the fit out and of course, the food.

Dr Martys crumpets with fresh figs, honeyed ricotta, maple syrup and macadamia nuts $15


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Fat Bob’s Bar and Grill

Fat Bob’s Bar and Grill
80A Cochrane Road
Vic 3189
+61 3 9555 0909
Fat Bob's Bar & Grill on Urbanspoon


Writing this post feels me with a sense of regret. Regret that I did not include Fat Bob’s in my burger tours of 2013 (there’s this and this), and so missing out on this delicious burger heaven located in the unassuming industrial estate of Moorabbin.

Gourmet zucchini chips (mayo) $8.50

Blonde Biker Chick has been raving about Fat Bob’s and organised a burger work-gathering on a Friday evening. A narrow al fresco corridor leads to a dining hole glowing with pink neon and vintage posters proclaiming not the very best advice. A time indicator just behind the cashier gives a rough approximation of burger-waiting time and we filled our 45min gap sipping on brew and nibbling on zucchini chips. These are delightfully moreish dipped in mayo, with a crispy shell protecting soft tender pieces of zucchini. Nanny Fin thought they tasted just like regular chips, which must be a good thing.


The burgers at Fat Bob’s have names related to cars and you can try finding the associated poster or sign on the wall. The Jackie O, which appeared right at the top of the list of Melbourne’s Top 10 Burgers (Herald Sun, Feb 2014) was the most popular choice amongst our group that evening. This was followed by Hummer, Spartan and Victa. All the patties are cooked to medium with just a hint of pink showing after taking a huge chomp. They come conveniently wrapped in foil, preventing diners from getting burger juice dripping down the arms. I am a sucker for chilli and had me the Hummer. This mean baby is oh-my-mofo-bloody-good. The bun is soft and sweet and sandwiches a juicy flavoursome patty topped with tasty melted cheese. The spiced mayo could use a lot more heat, but I do have a very high tolerance for chilli. Nevertheless, I was lost for words as I tucked into my burger and my only thought was when I could order my next Fat Bob’s.

(Left) Jackie O – 180g grass fed beef pattie, tomato, Spanish onion, fontina cheese, cos, mustard, tomato & Fat Bob’s Special Sauce $15.50
(Right) Victa – Crumbed chicken fillet, coriander, Asian slaw, Japanese mayo & BBQ sauce $15

Hummer – 180g grass fed beef pattie, tmato, jalepeno, cucumber, tasty cheese & Fat Bob’s ‘HUMMER’ spicy mayo $15

Spartan – 180g grass fed beef pattie, tomato relish, coz, vintage cheese, bacon, onion 2 ways & BBQ sauce $16.50

My colleages loved the burgers they’d ordered. There was silence across the table with the occasional “Mmms” and nods as we were all swept up in an undeniable wave of unanimous approval. Boss M has an extremely refined palate (his favourite snack is dried organic apricots packed by monks and delivered by nuns in a blessed silk khata), and he likes “how the burgers are tasty without being too massive”. I hear he’s already planned to hit up Fat Bob’s for lunch on his next split shift.



Fat Bob makes a helluva burger. It is dangerously close to work and I fear I may end up a fat blob by the end of the year. But then again, there would be no regrets.

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Burgallection Part 1: The Merrywell, Huxtaburger, Burger Boss, Babu, Brother Burger and the Marvellous Brew

In the year of 2013, I achieved a few accomplishments. I finished a continued education course, survived my first overseas trip with The Angmoh (we went to India), started this blog and stuffed my face with many a burger for a collection of burger blogposts.

Burgers… juicy meat slapped betweens perk buns, moistened up with tasty sauce, now that’s what I’m talking about. The Angmoh and I teamed up for this expedition, sometimes joined by Fakebooo and other invited guests. Our first hit was The Merrywell.

The Merrywell
Corner Clarendon Street and Crown Riverside
Vic 3006
+61 3 9292 7468
The Merrywell on Urbanspoon


Situated on the Clarendon side of Crown Casino complex, The Merrywell is a classy pub that does burgers on the ground floor and a popular rowdy restaurant offering American diner fare on the level upstairs. Fakebooo, The Angmoh and I had dined in the restaurant, not aware that items from the lower level could not be ordered in the restaurant. Determined to plough through their burger menu, we revisited during happy hour without reading the fine lines that only certain burgers were subjected to the happy hour promo.


Nevermind all our mistakes, we still attacked the burgers with gusto, with Fakebooo ordering the Big Blue, The Angmoh having the Oz Burger and the Red Eye for yours truly.

Oz burger – fried egg, pickled beets, pineapple, cheddar, mayo, damper roll $14

All burgers came cooked rare, with pale pink patties dripping with juices. Fakebooo’s burger had an odd addition of apple and the whole wheat bun was a tad firm. He very much preferred the burger he had upstairs on our previous visit. The Angmoh’s Aussie combi was well-received with The Angmoh giving thumbs up to the bacon. My red eye was hot! The clever use of fresh jalapenos packs an unforseen heat punch, although I thought there was too much sauce, which overwhelmed the overall taste of the burger.

(Left) Red eye – poblanos, jalapenos, cheddar, chipotle mayo, sriracha, damper roll $15
(Right) Big blue – bacon, gorgonzola, red onion, blue cheese fondue, whole wheat bun $16

The Merrywell was a great way to start our burger adventure. It is conveniently located within walking distance to us and will be a good spur-of-the-moment ditch for desperate burger cravings.

106 Smith Street
Vic 3066
+61 3 9417 6328
Huxtaburger on Urbanspoon


201-209 High Street
Vic 3181
+61 3 9417  6328
Huxtaburger on Urbanspoon


The Angmoh and I hit up Huxtaburger for our next burgaventure. I have been previously and I always order The Denise. The burgers have soft soft bread and the patties have a wonderful char and flavour to them. They are easily squished and wolfed down.

denise collingwood
Denise – Huxtaburger with jalapeno, sriracha mayo $9.50 + Crinkle cut chips (small) $2.50

Once again I had the Denise and The Angmoh, who is a true patriot for Aussie flavours, had Bills. Both burgers were consumed in rapid greed, washed down with a thick vanilla milkshake. Our only gripe was that the burgers were on the small side and The Angmoh got hungry in just slightly over an hour. They would be perfect as a snack, or a full blown meal if you had the stomach space of a tiny bird.

bills collingwoodmilkshake
(Left) Bills – Huxtaburger with bacon, egg, pineapple and beetroot $11.50
(Right) Vanilla milkshake

I had huxtacravings pretty soon and was keen to visit the CBD branch one Friday night. It was closed when we got there and the yearning became a memory only to be filed somewhere in the “to-eat” compartment of my brain. Fast forward a few months and we rocked up to Prahran, me ready for the meal in my BlackMilk fastfood leggings. The crowd is unmistakably young and missing the hipster vibe that is part of Collingwood. The seating space is a good deal bigger, and like the original, most of the crowd milling about are awaiting take-aways. We stuck true with our preferred choices and they tasted just the same and just as delicious as those in Collingwood. With consistency across branches, huxtaburger is a keeper. I do recommend pre-ordering online during peak times for it’ll save a good tummy-rumbling.

denise prahranbills prahran
(Left) Denise – Huxtaburger with jalapeno, sriracha mayo $9.50 + Crinkle cut chips (small) $2.50
(Right) Bills – Huxtaburger with bacon, egg, pineapple and beetroot $11.50

Burger Boss
334 Highett Street
Vic 3190
+61 3 9553 3540
Burger Boss on Urbanspoon


Somewhere in the year as the cold weather showed her icy stare, I was about to close up at work when the thought of getting a burger delivery struck. Unfamiliar to Bayside eats, Burger Boss was recommended by my colleages.  The call was made and so was my order of Big Boss, Sloppy Joe and onion rings. Delivery took approximately 45minutes and as soon as I received my doggy bag, I took off and headed home lickety split.

Big Boss – Patty, bacon, egg, cheddar cheese, grilled onions, lettuce, fresh tomato, pickles, American mustard and tomato sauce $8.80

Our food had cooled reasonably some by the time we got into it. The burger was distinctly American with pickles, mustard and ketchup and was soft and slightly wet. I loved the sloppy Joe and onion rings. The slow cooked mince was dripping in sauce, rich with spices and the onion rings were crisp and well-seasoned. It brought back childhood memories of tucking into A&W coney dogs, complete with a rootbeer float, of course!

Sloppy Joe – Spiced, slow cooked, ground beef, with green peppers, double cheese, BBQ and chilli sauce $5.50

Burger Boss is a favourite amongst beachy Bayside peeps. I reckon I’ll swing by after work sometime and slide down another sloppy Joe.

Crinkle cut chips $3
Onion rings $4.40

Babu Burger Bar with Balls
156 Chapel Street
Vic 3181
+61 3 9510 6485
Babu Bar Burger With Balls on Urbanspoon


The Angmoh and I checked out Babu Burger Bar sometime in the middle of the year. It was oddly quiet on the Friday evening that we visited. Babu offers customized burgers where diners decide how much moo they can chew and what to dress that moo in. Meatballs are also on the menu for those not wanting a full patty.

(Left) 220g patty with caramelized onion, swiss cheese, fried eg, bacon and beetroot $16.50
(Right) 150g patty with blue cheese and caramelized onion and beetroot $14.20

I had a modest 150g patty with blue cheese, caramelized onion and beetroot. The Angmoh’s stockier 220g came stacked with bacon, egg and beetroot (I did mention his love for Aussie flavours yea?). For a quiet evening, we waited a good half hour before food was served. The burgers were brought out split in two, which threw us off initially. I’m not sure if it facilitates the addition of sauce as flipping the top half back onto it’s lower bit might be messy for the uncoordinated. Both burgers were tasty in their own way but not sufficiently remarkable to deem a re-visit.


Brother Burger and the Marvellous Brew
413 Brunswick Street
Vic 3065
+61 3 9419 0088
Brother Burger and the Marvellous Brew on Urbanspoon


We needed a good burger memory to satiate and make up for the previous visit. We had a friend’s birthday drinks thing in Fitzroy one Friday evening and decided to pre-burger before drinks. Parking in Fitzroy on any evening is a challenge and on a Friday night, is absolute sheer hell. We U-eed, backtracked and circled frantically before finally spotting a lot. Just as we were about to reverse in, with our indicator and reversing lights beaming like shining beacons, some unkempt trackie-clad teen biatch headed in and stole the lot just under our noses (or butts in this case). The Angmoh has the temperament of a saint and held me back from purchasing a year’s worth of Gladwrap and gifting her with a shiny polyethylene-layered car with possibly deflated tires.


The neon burger sign of Brother Burger and the Marvellous Brew beckoned and somewhat placated our my wrath. The communal table at the very front of the restaurant is huge, bordered by salon-type plush chairs and topped with a rotound terranium. Walk on in and it’s impossible to miss the beers on offer. Every single one is locally crafted beer from independent brewers. I had a pot of Moo brew, which was light with malty flavours.

(Top) Blue heaven milkshake $7
(Bottom) Moo brew – pale ale (4.9%). Berriedale, Tasmania $6.60

The Angmoh lit up like a child at Christmas when his blue heaven shake was set down. I braced myself and took a tiny sip and actually gave it the nod. It was thick and creamy and the sickly extreme sugary blue heaven flavour was not too overpowering.


Brother Burger’s menu is diverse and offers burgers of different meats and even vegetarian options. The choice of customizing or modifiying your burger is available for the nit-picky. For those not keen on burgers, there are hotdogs and pulled meats to fall back on.

Fair Dinkum – 100% Wagyu beef patty, bacon, free-range egg, cheese, house-made: pickles, BBQ sauce, mustard mayo $14.50

The Angmoh once again went predictably Aussie and ordered the Fair Dinkum. I had the “Hot Stuff’ burger with a hit of blue cheese, which was the favourite and highly recommended by the chef. Both burgers were really good. The patties are of extremely high quality, which is not surprising as they are completely full blood wagyu. The fact that the meat is 100% Aussie wins extra points. The Angmoh had no complaints about his burger and attacked in appreciative silence. I loved how my burger came with the wedge of stinky blue on the side. I crumbled in a smidgen of it and the pairing of rich intense cheese with the sweet spicy chilli jam was just sensational.

Hot Stuff – 100% Wagyu beef patty, double bacon, cheese, house-made: pickles, mustard mayo, chilli jam $13.50
Add blue cheese

I highly recommend heading to Brother Burger for some stuffed buns and a brew. With ingredients locally-sourced and condiments made on-site, it makes a patriotic delicious feed at a very sensible price.

This brings me to half the post. Stay tuned for more burgadventures!


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Bayside Brunching

Uncle Bart’s
607 Balcombe Road
Black Rock
Vic 3193
+61 3 9589 2099
Uncle Bart on Urbanspoon


Ever since meeting The Angmoh and then changing jobs, I’ve had more reason to visit Bayside. Uncle Bart’s has been a stalwart and favourite in Black Rock. Decked in nautical blue and white, it also represents its Greek influence.

(Top) 3/4 Flat white
(Bottom) Piccolo latte

Coffees are brewed from 5 Senses Dark Horse blend. You can choose from a range of espresso-based, Greek or Frappe coffees. I made a klutz of myself and had spilled mine all over the table and floor. The waitress amicably wiped it all up and swiftly replaced my piccolo latte on the house. The coffee was dense, leaning towards the dark side and made a wonderful accompaniment for the homemade Greek almond short bread. The biscuit was crumbly with an intense almond essence.

Kourabyie – Homemade almond shortbread biscuit $4

The Angmoh’s big breakfast was simple and contained all the important breakfast elements that are needed to comprise the dish. It was well-portioned, well-cooked and The Angmoh had no complaints. My moussaka was rustic and tasty with an interesting cheesy polenta crust. Although it was something easily replicable at home, it was nice having a warm comforting home-cooked meal.

(Left) Big Breakfast – eggs anyway you like, bacon, spinach, roast tomato, Greek baked beans, sausage, mushrooms $17.50
(Right) Mousaka with side salad $13.50

Uncle Bart’s is a winner amongst Black Rock locals. Have a stroll on the beach or goggle at lycra-clad cyclists and hop over to Uncle Bart’s for a straight-forward, fuss-free Greek meal.


Merchants Guild
680 Centre Road
Bentleigh East
Viv 3165
+61 3 9579 0734
Merchants Guild on Urbanspoon


Merchants Guild is an extremely favourable newcomer in the Melbourne brunch scene. My first attempt to dine there was thwarted by a long queue and waiting time on a Sunday morning. I did a solo lunch several months later and had one of the daily specials at the very end of the café on the communal table.

A miniature loaf of cornbread with roasted chorizo sausage, fried eggs and a bloody Mary salsa dressed with vodka $19

I liked the dense corn bread with its crunchy edges. The sweet vegetables in the corn bread paired nicely with the salty spicy flavours of the chorizo. The vodka was too strong in the salsa and the board on which my meal was served made it a little difficult to eat. Pretty as it may be, it made controlling yolk spillage rather tricky.

Piccolo latte (Ethiopia Gelana Abaya) $3.80

House-blend coffees when I visited were from Omar and the Marvellous Coffee Bird, which I’m not a fan of. I opted for the single origin from Ethiopia in a piccolo latte. It was pretty good, with fruity pineapple flavours and a rounded body.

Crumbed feta, chilli jam, mushrooms and snow pea tendrils served on a seeded bagel $13

Lianne (Food Made With Love) commented on my Instagram feed to try their chai latte. I had left by then, so a date was made for us to meet up and have brunch. It was a lovely affair, with conversations swinging between food, baking, other food bloggers, our homes in both Melbourne and Singapore and just random chit chat.

Buckwheat pancakes with grilled pear, chocolate fudge, hazelnuts and a naughty whisky maple syrup $14.50

Lianne had the bagel with mushrooms with a fried egg. I had brunch envy just looking at it. It was bursting with colour and looked fulfilling and healthy. Lianne tucked into it gleefully. I decided to be a glut and had chocolate pancakes for lunch.  They were fantastic! The pancakes were fluffy, and soaked up the whisky-spiked maple syrup. Alas, my plate was whisked away too quickly and I didn’t get to enjoy the chocolate fudge which I had squirreled away onto the side of the plate.

Prana Chai; spices, tea, honey, ginger $4.50

The chai was spicy and delish. It was brewed with Prana Chai, with the pot of steeped spices offered together with a strainer. The combination with Bonsoy made a really wonderful chai latte.

Merchants Guild is so conveniently located near my workplace that I foresee many more visits in the near future.

The Little Elephant
23 Spring Street
Vic 3190
+61 3 9555 4369
The Little Elephant on Urbanspoon

The little elephant

I checked out The Little Elephant one morning before a seminar. I love the name and the cute little elephant figurines scattered around the café. Elephants, what’s there not to love?


I started off with coffee: a single origin piccolo latte from Colombia. As I enjoyed its cherry sweetness, I perused the menu and was impressed by the drink offerings. House blend coffees are made with Chompy beans (from Sensory Lab), chai is brewed by Prana Chai and Mörk provides for the hot chocolate.

piccolo latte
Piccolo latte (Colombian Santuario) $4

I almost choked out “heh” when breakfast was set in front of me. It was pancakes, but cut up and served in a bowl. I tackled my already dismembered dish with the fork and knife provided. The texture of the pancakes were slightly rubbery, seemingly so from too much egg in the batter. The poached rhubarb and lemon curd saved the dish with the sweet tangy fruit accompaniments masking the pancake and making it more edible.

Elephant pancakes with rhubarb, praline and lemon curd $12.50

The Little Elephant is situated in the residential heart of Highett and serves a convenient hangout for family get-togethers or casual chilling.


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