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131 Domain Road
South Yarra
Vic 3141
+61 3 9804 5468

Entrecôte on Urbanspoon


April’s always a little special for The Angmoh and I. It’s the month when we first met and, childish as it sounds, became ‘official’. Although the dating days are long over, we still try and do date nights if our schedules permit. And what better way to do date night on the very day of our anniversary?


After seeing pictures of Entrecôte on Instagram, we thought it’d be the perfect romantic place to celebrate. French facades, pristine white tablecloths and dusty pink walls completed the set up. The dinner menu is straight forward and offers only 1 main: steak frites, The only variation is how well you like your meat done.

Grilled Hopkins River steak, frites, sauce au berre herbe de la maison $39.90

After devouring crusty baguettes with smooth lush French butter, our dinner arrived real quick. The quality of the meat is superb with each bite oozing out lovely buttery beefy juices. Our only real quip was that the sauce, which had been liberally poured onto the steak, was pretty hot and continued to cook the meat just a tad over our requested “rareness”. Apart from that, it was darn good. The frites were not too oily with just the right amount of salt dusted on and were absolutely moreish.

Soft leaves, radish, walnuts, Dijon vinaigrette

A side salad of butterhead lettuce, endive, radish and walnuts is also offered and unfortunately was overdressed.

Lemon tart, creme fraiche $16.90

Next came the very reason why we I had decided to dine at Entrecôte. I had my eye on dessert, or specifically, the lemon tart. And it certainly didn’t disappoint. It was the tartest lemon tart I’d ever come across, so much so that The Angmoh cringed when he took a bite. I, on the other hand, loved how sour it was and happily ate all of it, elated that I didn’t have to share.

Mont blanc – chestnut parfait, Manjari chocolate mousse, hazelnuts $18.90

The Angmoh picked the Mont Blanc, which was rich from the chocolate mousse and chestnut praline. It made a great counterpart to the lemon tart and was good but not quite as good as the tart.

Dinner at Entrecôte was indeed lovely. It may not be my choice of steakhouse but it certainly is where I’ll be hitting up for a beautiful citrusy dessert.


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Union Dining

Union Dining
270-272 Swan Street
Vic 3121
+61 3 9428 2988
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The Angmoh and I have made it past yet another year. We celebrated with dinner at Union Dining, a handsome bistro on Swan Street in Richmond.


The Angmoh loves his shellfish and couldn’t go past oysters. It didn’t matter where they came from, Sydney Rocks or Tassie, they were fresh and plump and slid down a fair treat to start his night. I, on the other hand, had a vegetarian starter. It was beautiful with wonderful pickled mushrooms set against rich goats curd and a soft boiled egg. The tanginess of the mushrooms helped arouse the palate and appetite.

Oysters mignonette (per piece) $3.50

Mushrooms pickled and roasted, quinoa, herbs, whipped goats curd, soft egg $19

For his main, The Angmoh went predictable and had steak. It was cooked perfectly, with a lovely charred crust and juicy bloody meat in the middle. It had a buttery flavour which went well with the bitter radicchio and salty anchovies. I had the goulash, which was presented in the most unexpected manner: there were little tears of deep fried cheese, perfect to soak up the hearty tomato stew.

300g grain fed Victorian Black Angus scotch fillet, radicchio, Ortiz anchovy, red pepper hazelnut relish $39.50

Hopkins River beef blade Austrian goulash, quark cheese spaetzle dumplings, sour cream $36

French fries, smoked paprika salt $8

Dessert was a simple affair, with The Angmoh ordering his favourite: chocolate mousse. It was velvety smooth and intense with cocoa. My gelato, unfortunately, was a huge disappointment. The chocolate was alright, grainy in texture and nothing to shout about, but the pistachio tasted of essence and chemicals.

Pistachio and chocolate gelati $12
Chocolate pot de crème, spiced blood plum crème fraiche $14

Union Dining still serves up some delicious satisfying food, most enjoyed in its cosy ambience and friendly warmth from staff.

Oh, and check out what The Angmoh got me for our anniversary.


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Mr Hive Kitchen & Bar

Mr Hive Kitchen & Bar
Level 1 Crown Metropol
8 Whiteman Street
Southbank Vic 3006
+61 3 9292 8300
Mr. Hive Kitchen & Bar on Urbanspoon


The Angmoh and I had a date night at Mr Hive Kitchen & Bar. It was close to home, which meant I could scurry down 100m across the road in my hugging velvet dress and skinny heels. I succumb to heels in all their pin-pointy attractiveness, from the calf-stretching leg-lengthening glory to the painful so-gonna-lose-my balance arched agony.


Mr Hive Kitchen & Bar is located in Crown Metropol. The space is sleek and handsome, with extremely high ceilings and an extensive black shelf interspersed with shiny gleaming copper pots. Mind you, I was half-tempted to nick off with one.


As we deliberated over the menu, an amuse bouche of dried cherry tomato on polenta was set before us. I popped it in whole, and was instantly reminded of pizza. A really fancy, minute, gluten-free pizza.

Oyster $4

As The Angmoh appreciated his very well-poured beer, I pounced on the distracted opportunity and started snapping away at the food. He had a lonesome oyster, which he described to be fresh and sweet, with just the hint of salt.

(Left, top) Yellowfin tuna, ruby grapefruit, popcorn, sesame $15
(Left, bottom) Kingprawns, old bay spice $14
(Right) Crispy pig: pickled kohlrabi sauce gribiche $21

Amongst our selection of entrees, our favourites were the king prawns and crispy pork. The prawns were seasoned in a wonderful smoky aroma and somehow made me think of drunken prawns. I ordered the pork dish simply due to its name “Crispy Little Pig”. I believe it was pork jowl and it was full of rich porky flavour, which was nicely contrasted against the piquant ribbons of pickled kohlrabi.

(Left) “Cape Grim” Tasmania hanger steak (250g) $34
(Right) Ricotta gnocchi, wild mushrooms, parsnip $30

Not usually a fan of gnocchi, I went adventurous and had ricotta gnocchi for my main. The Angmoh went old-school and predictable with steak, cooked medium rare. The fluffy bolsters of gnocchi were surprisingly not too heavy. Never one to complain about mushrooms, I loved my dish, and would have loved it more if it had a drizzle of truffle oil. The Angmoh’s steak arrived rare and well-charred and received his thumb’s up. He did find an overwhelming amount of caramelised onion over the steak, and would have preferred “a smattering” of it. I munched on his sweet potato chips, which were delightful. They were pillowy and dreamy, with a good balance of sweet and salty.

(Left) Almond soufflé, blood peach yoghurt, honey ice cream $22
(Right) Poached rhubarb cookies, Cointreau, goats milk $17

For dessert, there was a choice of moving onto the counter to enjoy the famed dessert degustation. I was half tempted but wussed out in the end, ordering the rhubarb for myself and the almond soufflé for my man. I have a soft spot for rhubarb dessert and this did not disappoint. The tangy flavours of rhubarb shone through with the goats curd sorbet giving it a punch of refreshment. The almond soufflé was another winner. It was airy and light and chockers with real almond flavour. It paired so nicely with the honey ice cream.

Mrs. Hive’s chocolate bar, peanuts, caramel $21

The Angmoh knows me and my dessert yearnings very well. I was also very keen to try the Mrs. Hive chocolate bar and didn’t think my rhubarb dish was quite enough. He ordered said dish on my behalf, so I wouldn’t appear to be the greedy oinker that I am. And thank the heavens we he did. It was an incredible concoction of rich silky chocolate mousse and luscious caramel, topped with a dollop of peanut butter sorbet. Oh yea, you heard right, peanut butter sorbet. It was the most ‘atas’ form of Snickers, period.

Our dinner at Mr Hive Kitchen & Bar ended on a sugar high. The food was good and the dessert amazing. The live vocals at the bar are impressive too and all in all it was one really pleasant night out. My only gripe was the lack of handwash in the ladies and disabled facilities. I had forgotten to mention it that night in my drunken stupor and eagerness to get to the chocolate bar, but dropped an email and have yet to receive a reply. So ladies, drag your men or girlfriends here for a night of sinful indulgence and do pack some hand sanitiser or wet wipes in your purse first.

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Hofbrauhaus, Squire’s Loft, The Imperial Hotel

This post covers 3 separate “White” dinners that took place sometime over winter in the CBD. There’s hearty German fare, bloody Aussie steaks and gargantuan portions of chicken parmagianas.

18-24 Market Lane
Vic 3000
+61 3 9663 3361
Hofbräuhaus on Urbanspoon


Having left my previous workplace half a year ago, I still try and keep in touch with my ex-colleagues. Fakebooo, without a doubt, is one of them. Dinner was arranged for a small group at Hofbrauhas one evening but in the end, it was just Fakebooo, Roen and myself that night.

(Left) Arcobräu Zwicklbier $7.50
(Middle) Arcobräu Weissbier $12.00
(Right) HB Schwarze Weisse $7.50  

The 2 boys had just knocked off and had worked up an appetite. Roen has a reputation that puts even Fakebooo’s bottomless pit of a stomach to shame and was keen to get started with dinner. A round of beers was ordered, with him having the largest serve. I really liked my Zwicklebier; it was light, slightly fruity, and went down smoothly.

HB Platte – HB sharring platter with a selection of pork knuckle, sausages, shnitzels, sauerkraut, red cabbage, mashed potatoes, potato dumplings and beer jus – $89 for 2 persons

It was an undisputed decision to get the HB platter. It had almost every main on the menu in it, and allowed us to try, well, almost every main in the menu. We thought we would make the smart move by ordering a platter for 2 (to share amongst 3) and add a couple of entrées alongside. Roen was interested in the pretzels and Fakebooo had his eye on the goulash.

Goulash suppe – spicy rich beef stew soup, served with Bavarian bread roll $12.50

The restaurant sticks close to its German heritage, with female staff dressed in dirndl, complete with pleated pigtails and the boys in lederhosen. There’s some German accents going on (I think) and the fit out is slightly medieval but not to the point of tacky.

Brezel – freshly baked Bavarian pretzel served with butter $4.50

Our conversation came to an abrupt halt when the platter was set down before us. It was jaw-droppingly enormous and surely enough for at least four! The food was of decent quality and I particularly liked the chewy sweet pretzel and the braised red cabbage. The goulash, while slightly on the salty side, had a deep aroma of smoked paprika and tomato. It made an excellent comforting wintry dish.


Dinner at Hofbrauhaus was a great way to introduce myself to German fare. I’ll certainly be back for beer and pretzels!


Squires Loft City Steakhouse
12 Goldie Place
Vic 3000
+61 3 9670 7317
Squires Loft City Steakhouse on Urbanspoon


Fakebooo and I ended up at Squires Loft on one Friday evening after work. Our initial plan was to try out Mister Burger but it had closed by the time we rocked up. Our tummies were geared for western fare and we were always interested to try Squire’s Loft.


As with most steak joints on a Friday night, Squires Loft was pretty packed and rowdy. Libby (The Very Very Hungry Caterpillar) recommends the ribs, which had me ordering the entrée-sized portion. Fakebooo was tempted to get lamb chops but we felt silly not ordering steak in a steakhouse. He had a rib eye, cooked to rare.


I was amused by the slices of white bread served with pats of individually packaged Western Star butter. I’ll admit that I’m extremely spoilt these days and kinda expect artisan sourdough and churned butter or fruity extra virgin.

Rib Eye on the Bone (350g) – a fine cut of pasture fed prime steer infused with flavour from the bone, char-grilled and brushed with Steakmate baste. Served with a choice of chips, mash or baked potato with sour cream and chives $38

Our meat came served on hot plates. The meat on the ribs required no effort with deboning; they were tender and soft and full of smokey flavour. I was almost tempted to gnaw and suck on the bones.

Pork Spare Ribs – Marinated in Steakmate baste, tender and char-grilled (500g) $32.50

Fakebooo’s steak was perfectly cooked with a charred covering of tasty cow hiding a red juicy interior. The marinade had a slight tang to it and reminded me of peri-peri.

Our meal ended with complimentary chocolates, similar to After Eights. Squires Loft does dish up decent steaks which are perfectly cooked to request. I would have preferred being informed about provenance, and hence, am likely to choose a steakhouse such as The Station Hotel over the Loft.

Imperial Hotel
2-8 Bourke Street
Vic 3000
+61 3 9810 0062
The Imperial Hotel on Urbanspoon


Woohoo to the Hawks winning the AFL premiership 2013! Now I don’t have to listen to The Angmoh’s whingeing and whining on how they lost to the Swans last year. Before we could win the cup, we did have to play the Swans in the finals, which made for a nerve-wrecking two and a half hours for The Angmoh.  We all know how the game turned out but the main question is, what did we have for dinner that night?

parma 1
The Imperial Parma – hand crumbed chicken breast fillet topped with champagne ham, basil-infused tomato ragout and two cheeses served with beer battered fries and cherry tomatoes, rocket and parmesan salad $25

Knowing that The Angmoh was going to be huge jittery pain in the bum, I thought I’d do the nice loving girlfriend bit and take him to someplace where he’d definitely enjoy his meal. The Angmoh is a devout passionate fan of chicken parmagianas, while I had never eaten a single one until I met him. Imperial Hotel is famous for its chicken parmas and the dish scores very well on Parma Daze. The Angmoh also gave it his nod of approval when we went last year.

Having made a booking just 60 minutes prior, we were seated in a comfortable booth. Service can be a problem with only a couple of waitresses multi-tasking between receiving patrons at reception, taking orders and serving food.

parma 2

I went along for the parma ride and decided to have it that evening. It was the motherload of parmas! It stretches over two palms-long and is a good half-inch thick. I wonder if it consists of more than 1 chicken breast or simply belonged to a breast of a mutated giant huge-ass chicken. Back to the dish, the schnitzel was topped with ham, smothered in Napoli sauce and blanketed by a generous serve of melted cheese. And that wasn’t all, the bird came with salad and chips. This dish definitely calls for a tactical approach to eating it.


Wear stretch pants for starters. And while the chips are pretty good, don’t waste stomach space with carby potatoes. Concentrate on eating the chicken and chicken alone. The salad provides a tangy relieve with the balsamic dressing so do alternate between chicken and leaves. And lastly, breathe!

The Angmoh and I were slumped-on-the-couch, coma-impending full that evening. The Angmoh even had to undo his belt halfway through dinner. While he gave up somewhere along the three-quarter line, I applaud myself for being able to tuck away this monster of a parma into my belly, no doubt stretching every stomach lining to the max.

For all chicken parma fans out there, or for those who have yet to come across this Aussie classic, Imperial Hotel’s chicken parmagiana is definitely a must!


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Station Hotel

The Station Hotel
59 Napier Street
Vic 3011
+61 9687 2913
Station Hotel on Urbanspoon

My folks touched down on Mothers’ Day this year. Incidentally, it happened to be Mum’s birthday as well. Since both my parents fancy a good steak, a visit to Station Hotel was in order. I had invited The Angmoh and Fakebooo along; what better way to celebrate than with my 2 boyfriends meeting the parents.


Station Hotel is steak heaven. A diagram of a bull with references to anatomy and cuts of meat prepares you for your meaty bloody meal. The beef is sourced within Australia and every steak is cooked to perfection. Salad and hand-cut chips complete the plate. House-made béarnaise or pepper sauce is served in burnished copper pans. They are rich and make a perfect drizzle over the steak or to dip chips in.

(Left) 500g Castricum Brothers, Gippsland (VIC) grass fed Black Angus rib eye $48

Our party took a little while to decide which steak to have. With at least 12 different steaks to choose from, each a different provenance, cut, weight and means of processing, it can be quite confounding and flustering. In the end, we all picked something different, yet catering to our preferences.

400g Castricum Brothers, Gippsland (VIC) dry aged grass fed Black Angus rump $40

Dad was hungry and had himself a half kilo ribeye. Mom ordered from the specials menu and hers came with a zucchini salad. (I forgot to note what it was, woops!) The Angmoh needed something substantial without compromising in flavour and texture and had a 400g dry aged rump. Fakebooo decided not to be greedy and had a small(ish) 250g grain fed Wagyu-cross rump, which had rich buttery flavours. I like my cow to be grass-fed and had the smallest serve that night, a 200g tenderloin.

250g Security Foods (QLD) 300 day grain fed Wagyu x Black Angus rump $34

We couldn’t end Mom’s birthday dinner without dessert. Mom, Fakebooo and I shared a pistachio soufflé, while The Angmoh had chocolate mousse to himself. Dad was utterly stuffed; he had polished off the entire steak, salad and all the chips and simply had no room to fit dessert in.

200g Victorian Farms, Gippsland (VIC) grass fed British Breed tenderloin $40

The soufflé arrived in its green upright glory. It remained fluffy and showed no signs of collapse as we dug into it. The texture was perfect but the pistachio flavour had a slight plasticky taste, perhaps from the nutty essence. The chocolate mousse was velvety smooth and rich in cocoa. The Angmoh lapped it up happily.

Pistachio soufflé $12

Needless to say, it was one helluva satisfying meal. Mum was surprised at how reasonable the cost was. She had a very good steak experience in ‘Morton’s of Chicago’ in Singapore but remarked that “Steak in Morton is good but the price is ungood”.

Valrhona chocolate mousse with griottines and kirsch $14

Station Hotel remains one of the few gastropubs I would bring family and friends to and visit over and over. The steak is top-notch, the price is extremely decent and the clientele far from “bogany”.


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