Pacific House

Pacific Seafood BBQ House
8/240 Victoria Street
Vic 3121
+61 3 9427 8225
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Chinese meals are meant to be shared in the company of family and friends. When the food is exceptionally delicious and you happen to dine with a bunch of food-loving, food-blogging peeps, the meal is perfect and complete.

I-Hua, Fakebooo, Winston and I arranged for a pig-out catch-up session at Pacific House one evening. Unfortunately, as the date approached, Winston had to pull out (we missed you!). Nevertheless, we kept the dinner appointment as the idea of postponing the consumption of glorious roast duck was gut heart-wrenching.

As you sit down, the loudly coloured paper tiling the barren walls catches your eye, with words boldly scrawled out in thick calligraphy. It was very simple and very no-frills. I loved it.


I-Hua, having visited several times in the past couple of months, knew the menu almost by the back of her hand and quickly suggested several dishes. All of us unaminously agreed that the roast duck was a must-have.

Roast duck – half $23

Having dined just 3 weeks prior, the roast duck tasted exactly as the previous visit. The skin was fragrant and crisp and the meat juicy and tasty. The 5-spice marinade gave it an intoxicating perfume.

Spinach with Two Egg Sauce $21

The rest of the food came piping hot and fast. The spinach and 2-egg dish was thoroughly enjoyed by Fakeboo and The Angmoh. One of the eggs is century egg, which is pickled and has an offensive acquired taste to most locals. This was The Angmoh’s first time having it, and he certainly enjoyed it!

Deep Fried Chicken Ribs with Egg Yolk $22

Liz had highly recommended the deep-fried chicken ribs in salted egg yolk. While I personally found it quite rich, it was certainly delicious and best enjoyed hot.

Pi-pa Bean Curd $20

We found no fault with any of the dishes. Although we didn’t go too overboard with the order, all of us were full even before the plates were licked clean.

Deep Fried Eggplant in Prawn Paste with Garlic and Chilli $24

Pacific House dishes up scrumptious Chinese food at a very reasonable price. Bring plenty of company, and more importantly, an appetite.




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